Shadow of Doubt

by Shadow of Doubt

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released November 29, 2014



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Shadow of Doubt

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Track Name: The System
28 years been a slave to the system
And 28 years they have lied to me
You figured out that they could do no wrong
Better think twice before they corrupt your mind
Better watch your step
And every move you make
Don't be a slave to the system (2)
We just wanted peace and to know the truth
Instead they turned there backs on me and you
What the future holds for you and I is not what you expect it to be
Just take a look at what they've done
They took so many lives
All they want is to control the world to make them feel invincible
Track Name: Afterlife
Can't you see the world come crashing down
Can't you see your life flash before your eyes
Just know it's judgement day coming for you
It's your turn to join the afterlife!
Don't take a step back just join the afterlife
Don't be afraid of death
Just give your hand to death
It'll lead you to a plain of existence
Track Name: Damnation
Where were you? When I needed you
I turned to you to the sky for answers
All you told me was I should be ashamed of myself for all my sins
You were so called crucified for our sins
But I know now that everything was a false prophecy
You left me to die in this world of damnation (4)
Track Name: No Love
You looked into my eyes and saw nothing
You controlled me like I was your puppet
Tormented by your filthy ways
There was no where to run to baby and nowhere to hide
I'm another one of your victims that's crossed of your list
All things you've done to me I will never forget
You've cheated death once by me and that's ok
Next time ima make sure it's the real thing
Love wasn't real to you
So rest in piece to you!